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Overview of Bosch VCS IP network video solutions
Quite simply, Bosch VCS units are small, independent video and audio servers which plug into any CCTV camera and connect directly to an Ethernet LAN. You can then view the cameras from anywhere in the world using a networked PC, via Internet Explorer or using Bosch's own VIDOS software or NVR server. Simply call up the unit using its IP address. Alternatively you can use a VideoJet or VIP receiver to view the images on your CCTV monitor.

VCS units are economically priced and can be combined with other systems, analogue and digital hardware to quickly integrate a wide variety of legacy equipment into one single IP network.
Bosch VIDOS VCS PC software  screen shot
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Send anything everywhere with IP...
VCS allows you to view any camera on any monitor, record any stream, playback to anywhere. For more detailed information about VCS image quality click here >>

One infrastructure to install for IT & CCTV...
Utilise your IT network and send your CCTV, audio, access control, PTZ and other telemetry all down the same wires. Make moves and changes to cameras or recording equipment without pulling cable.

Simply connect your remote sites...
If you want to transmit video to a different site - don't dig the ground for dedicated video cables. Just put it on the IP network. For examples of common IP network video applications and configurations see applications >>

Integrate your existing hardware
VCS products allow you to integrate your existing CCTV hardware and legacy systems, allowing you to migrate from analog to digital one piece at a time.

Huge economies of scale
VCS products allow you to connect all your CCTV equipment to your IP network, allowing your to leverage huge economies of scale.

Storing images over the IP network
Digital storage of video is affordable and maintenance free: no degradation in quality, no wear and tear. And access to archived footage is straight forward and easy: no wading through hours or days of recordings.

VCS products are supplied in three ranges, the classic, professional and x-range, depending upon the highest image resolution offered. However, individual units may support a number of different image resolutions, giving you great flexibility and alllowing you to mix and match to your application.

Bosch VCS classic range supports MPEG-4 CIF (S-VHS) quality for lower bandwidth transmission and easy storage. Audio supported.

Bosch VCS professional range supports MPEG-2 for DVD quality footage requires larger bandwidth and storage capacity. Audio supported.

Bosch VCS x-range supports MPEG-4 4CIF a break through in IP technology, which provides DVD quality (MPEG-2 equivalent) for only half the bandwidth. Audio support coming soon.

Provides MPEG-4 CIF with audio - 25 images sec, 512Kbps to 1Mbps
High quality video with audio and telemetry. Intercom audio built in so you can talk to the person you are looking at. Single box solution to see video from hard to cable locations.
VIP 10 single-channel MPEG-4 encoder or decoder
VideoJet 10 single-channel MPEG-4 video encoder or decoder
VideoJet 10-I single-channel MPEG-4 video encoder or decoder with ISDN
MPEG-2 DVD quality with audio - 50 images sec (interlaced), 2Mbps to 5Mbps
Professional build. Built in mains power supply. DVD quality video, stereo audio and S-VHS quality with intercom audio. Record and view at different qualities, view local and remote at different sites.
VIP 1000 single-channel video encoder or decoder
VideoJet 8000 8 channel MPEG-2 encoder
VideoJet XPro modular digital CCTV matrix
MPEG-4 4CIF dual stream per channel provides DVD quality (MPEG2 equivalent) - 4 CIF, 25 frames per second - no audio
The x-range are all MPEG-4 dual stream per channel and are capable of 4CIF (4 x CIF 25 frames per second) which means they can be used instead of MPEG-2, giving similar high quality results but at around half the bandwidth of MPEG-2. Providing users with maximum flexibility and choice of picture quality and bandwidth usage. Audio available soon.
VIP X1 single channel MPEG-4 video encoder
VIP X2 dual-channel MPEG-4 video encoder
VIP XD single/quad stream MPEG-4 decoder
VideoJet 8008 eight channel MPEG-4 encoder
Facility management, alarm response center, resource management, network video recording and archiving, or simple remote viewing - with application software from Bosch IP Network Video you are maximizing effectiveness and ease-of-use. Bosch software-only designs turn any ordinary PC into a powerful monitoring, management and recording station. And with over 60 protocols integrated you will remote control all the equipment you ever need without any additional investment.
VIDOS management software
VIDOS-NVR network video recorder
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